SEEDBOAT GALLERY shows the work of the finest Southwestern regional painters, photographers, sculptors, and jewelers, as well as many high quality native and local crafts. The gallery has been the setting for many elegant receptions, art openings, and Mimbres Region Arts Council events.

Seedboat Gallery of Silver CityProviding a museum-like setting for visual artwork of all kinds, the gallery walls exhibit beautiful representational and abstract paintings and photographs. Abstract metal and stone sculpture, jewelry that is truly wearable art, and Native crafts from Mexico and Central America all represent a source of equally practical, colorful, and affordable art to those who not only appreciate quality, but believe in the transformative potential fine art and craft can provide. Located in the historic Yankie-Texas Gallery District, the gallery provides a welcome environment where art lovers can casually stroll and experience some of the finest art in the Southwest.


Silver City Arts and Cultural DistrictSeedboat Gallery is located within the Silver City Arts and Cultural District, which was established by the New Mexico Arts Commission in 2009 to support and encourage arts and cultural education in New Mexico communities.

The Seedboat Center for the Arts directly supports the goals of the cultural plan to "develop new and exciting venues for arts education, performances, arts exhibitions, and cultural events..."


The Seedboat Gallery is housed in a renovated warehouse originally built in 1911 by pioneering Silver City contractor Elizabeth Warren. The warehouse bridged the space between Goodell's hay and grain store to the west and a Chinese grocery store to the east. The renovated fašade was awarded the New Mexico Main Street Best Buildings Award for 1995. It was also the first building in New Mexico with a designated deed of easement to preserve an historic fašade.


seedboatThe seedboat represents the seed of enlightened mind that every person has. When you cultivate this seed, it becomes a vehicle, traditionally imagined as a boat that you can sail across the great ocean of confusion, navigating the rocky shores of neurotic fixation, to realize the state of enlightenment.


Gallery Hours

Wednesday–Saturday, 11:00–5:00
And by appointment



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